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What can we expect in terms of amenities, comfort, etc.?

Please remember when renting a privately-owned cottage, even a higher end one, you must be prepared to “rough it” a little. It is not a hotel or resort. Individual cottage owners may have different tastes and standards than you. It is a cottage in cottage country and insects and mice can occur at any time – expect them as they are a part of cottage living regardless of the cottage price. Consideration must also be given to water and septic usage. Please practice conservation as wells can and do run try with too much use!

What are the Payment Procedures?

For all of the cottages we list, there is a $95 processing fee and an Accidental Damage Waiver Plan (ADWP) fee that provides coverage for accidental damages to your vacation rental property during your stay. The ADWP fee is $75 for cottage up to $2999/week and $125 for cottages $3000/week and above.

A down payment of 40% on the total amount is required if you are booking your vacation more than 6 weeks prior to the rental period date. Please provide a post-dated cheque for the balance due, dated 6weeks prior to your rental start date, or you may pay by Interac e-mail money transfer as well.

If you are applying to rent a cottage in less than 6 weeks from the rental start date, the total amount is due immediately. All payments made within two weeks or less of the rental period MUST be paid by certified cheque, money order or Interac e-mail money transfer.

The most popular methods of payment is e-mail money transfer. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. All prices are in Canadian Funds. We do accept various other currencies – please contact us for details.

Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance 

Things happen. And a sudden illness or a bereavement can affect your cottage vacation plans. Without travel insurance you could lose, not only your holiday, but the money you paid for it, as well.

Cottage rentals are not like hotels, where you can cancel at the last minute if something happens. In case of a cancellation, we are only able to refund your money if we re-book the cottage for that time period. Therefore, it is our strong recommendation that you consider purchasing a trip insurance policy that will cover you for cancellation and trip interruption.

Will you send us directions to the cottage? When do we get the keys?

Directions and key location will be e-mailed to you just prior to the start of your vacation. This is for security and insurance concerns. These are privately owned cottages and the owners do enjoy them as well. As such, you are only authorized to be on the cottage premise during the time of your rental

What do we need to bring with us?

All cottages come equipped with pots, pans, dishes, glasses, coffee makers, cups and cutlery. Appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, etc. are available at some cottages (check the “features” list for your cottage).

You will want to bring:

  • Drinking waterAll cottages run off either well or lake water. It is good idea to bring drinking water. Large jugs of water can be purchased at the grocery stores throughout cottage country. If there is a filtered, treated source of water at the cottage, it may only be at the kitchen sink. If there is treated water, it is listed on the features list for the cottage. Be mindful that wells can run dry from overuse, Practice conservation (i.e., limit showers, wait a couple of hours between laundry loads, etc.)
  • Linens. Cottages generally come equipped with blankets and pillows (unless otherwise stated in the cottage listing), but you will want to bring sheets, pillowcases, towels and dish cloths.
  • Cell phone. There are now cell towers throughout most of cottage country, however not all carriers have access to them. Please check with your specific provider and plan to see if they service that area. Closest town is in the description section of the listing. If you have a smart phone you can use it as a hot spot for internet if you get cell coverage with your plan.
  • Life jackets.Some cottages may have life jackets, but in order for a life jacket to work, it must fit properly. Therefore, you should bring your own. It is your responsibility. One approved life jacket or PFD is required for each person on board any boating vessel.
  • Water shoes. Zebra mussels are now a reality throughout much of cottage country. Water shoes are highly recommended.
  • Groceries (Consider that most cottages only have a small freezer as part of their fridge. You may want to pack coolers with ice.)
  • Insect spray (A repellent with DEET is recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Health)

How do we know what’s expected of us while at the cottage?

At each cottage, you will find a copy of an individualized cottage information folder, containing the “Household Rules” (emergency numbers, cleaning checklist, garbage disposal and septic information, etc.) Please read through the “Household Rules” as soon as you arrive as you are responsible for following them! The location of marinas, local stores and attractions, fishing and other tourist information, will also be provided to make your stay more enjoyable. Please read and follow the information and instructions for the cottage. If you are unable to find this folder, please contact us by 5:00 p.m. the day of your arrival.

Making phone calls.

If there is a phone at the cottage, you are welcome to use it for local calls; however, all long distance calls (and this can sometimes include calls within the same area code) should be billed to you. Please bill any calls to your home number or use a cell phone.

A $25 administrative fee per call will be charged (per call) if any calls are billed to the cottage phone on top of the cost of the call. These charges will be deducted from your security deposit if necessary.

Using the septic system.

Natural waste and toilet paper are the only things allowed down the drain. Other items, such as diaper wipes, tampons, food and grease will back up the septic system and result in costly repairs. All children and guests need to know – and observe – this.

Power outages.

If the power goes out, do not run water (taps, flush toilets, etc.). In cottage country, water systems run off of electric pumps. Running water could result in emptying water lines, which would then require the pump be primed, etc.

Cottage concerns.

The cottage owner is responsible for checking the cottage between rentals. If there is a problem or concern while you are at the cottage, please contact the owner or the alternate contact. This information will be provided at the cottage in the Cottage Information Folder. Northern Comfort Cottage Rentals is not authorized to conduct any repairs or maintenance to the cottage or the property.

Dealing with garbage.

Most cottagers have access to a local dump, a small few do have pick-up. This information can be found in the household rules package located in the cottage. If you use the dump, make sure you return the dump card to its original place in the cottage before you leave. You must remove all garbage and recycling items from the property when you leave. If you leave garbage behind, deductions will be made from your security deposit.


Park only in designated areas and drives. Failure to do so could result in major damage to septic beds. Do not exceed limits for cars and do not block neighbours’ entrances.

Having a campfire.

If there is a camp fire pit and fires are allowed at a cottage then yes. Campfires are to be contained and supervised and happen only in the campfire pit. It’s your job to know if there is a fire ban in effect and to adhere to it. Use only the wood and kindling designated for the campfire, not any firewood for indoor use. Always douse fire thoroughly before leaving it.

Pets at the cottage.

Provided the cottage you’ve booked allows pets, please keep your pet in control, off the road and neighbours’ property, and clean up after it. Keep your pet off the furniture and beds, and do not leave your pet alone in the cottage. Do not let pets outside unsupervised. Sadly too many pets get lost in cottage country.

Keeping safe (on the water, on the roads, with children).

Although a boat may not be provided in your rental, many local marinas and outfitters’ stores do rent fishing boats and canoes.

If a watercraft is provided, it is your responsibility to ensure that all rules, laws, regulations and safe boating practices are followed. We advise that you obtain a hydrographic map if you are boating on unfamiliar waters. For more information on boating regulations and safety call the Canadian Coast Guard at 1-800-267-6687 or visit their website.

If you are bringing a boating on your vacation, you will need a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. It’s the law and law enforcement are handing out fines starting at $250. Get your card at

Many cottage roads are gravel and may be uneven, bumpy and narrow. Please respect speed limits, and watch for cottagers out for a stroll.

Please supervise children at all times – especially near water. If you’re near a wooded area, don’t let children into the woods alone.

Being neighbourly.

It’s important to respect property lines – do not use other people’s waterfront, docks or beaches.

Sound travels across water easily, please keep noise levels to a minimum especially when playing music and around the campfire.

Leaving the cottage.

The cottage must be left thoroughly clean and tidy before you depart. This means that a thorough cleaning must be done by you and/or your party prior to your departure! A cottage cleaning checklist can be found in the Cottage Information package at the cottage. As well, DO NOT leave any garbage behind. All garbage is to be taken with you and NOT left at the cottage. Deductions from your security deposit will result if the above is not adhered to. Any consumables should be replaced (i.e., BBQ propane).

Cottage Conditions

Please adhere to any special conditions for the cottage you have chosen (maximum number of occupants/guests, pets, etc). Please do not ask us to make exceptions.


Swimming conditions such as water levels, water clarity, weed growth, etc. vary every year in every lake depending on a number of changing factors such as: the amount of snowmelt, lake levels, rainfall/runoff and nutrient leaching, weather conditions, etc. While we make our best efforts to describe swimming/water conditions based on our visit to the cottage and information from the owners, we can not make guarantees for things that are out of our control.

We also do not know what is out from the dock in the water, diving can be dangerous and spinal injuries can occur. Diving from docks, swim rafts, shoreline or anywhere at all of our cottages is prohibited.

When can we check in?

During the summer, all of the cottages managed by Northern Comfort rent weekly. Generally, arrival time is 3:00 PM Saturday and departure time is 11 AM Saturday (unless otherwise stated in the listing. NCCR will be checking in for messages up to 6:30 PM on Check-In day. You must arrive before this time. NCCR nor the cottage owners will be responsible for renters arriving after that time.

When will we get our security deposit back?

Generally, security deposits are mailed out 14 days after the departure date.